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01.The Quickest Applying
Automatic Locking Fastener

Zip Lok®

The Only Flexible Thread Fastener

With an Automatic Mechanical Lock

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02. What is

Zip Lok®?

Zip Lok® is the quickest mechanically locking fastener system ever designed.

It allows users to easily push fastener components together to create a secure mechanical lock without twisting. It provides the axial load bearing capability of other fasteners with added assembly speed and ease of installation, and can be released rapidly via the Fullerton Torque Driver®.

Zip Lok® the ideal solution for applications where speed, flexibility and strength are crucial.

  • Mechanically Locking Fasteners
  • Threads are mechanically drawn against opposing threads
  • Increased assembly speed
  • Engages securely over stripped/damaged threads
  • High strength/size ratio
  • Resists movement under vibration
  • Can be fabricated with a variety of materials
  • Relatively inexpensive to manufacture
  • Durable enough for harsh environments
  • Easy to place in confined spaces or awkward configurations

Technical Drawings


Use Cases

Hydrogen Coupler (With or Without Locking Mechinism)

The global market for hydrogen fuel cells is expected to grow from $7.5 billion in 2022 to $19.5 billion in 2027 at a growth rate of 21%. As hydrogen becomes more widely used as a vehicle fuel, there will be a need for a fuel transfer coupler that can be used by the public, similar to a gas pump. The Zip Lok® Hydrogen Coupler, which was originally conceived for use on the proposed Moon Base, meets the high application and safety requirements needed for everyday use. The coupler is a simple and efficient device that will enable the safe transfer of hydrogen fuel to vehicles, without the fear of escaping gases. Learn more about Zip Lok®'s fuel coupler applications here.

Mechanically Locking Aircraft Panel Fasteners

Zip Lok® is the "push on" solution the airframe industry has been waiting for. It performs well under vibration, helps workers with installation in tight locations where threads may not be visible, and eliminates the need for other locking devices, such as washers and safety wire. Previous iterations of the design have been proven to save lives and prevent catastrophic failures in flight. Learn more about Zip Lok® aircraft panel fasteners here.

Robot Manipulated Component Assembly Fastener

Astronaut Steven L. Smith, Hubble Space Telescope (HST) servicing mission 3A payload commander, retrieves a Pistol Grip Tool (PGT) power tool while standing on the mobile foot restraint at the end of the Remote Manipulator System (RMS). Here Smith is using a flexible thread system to quickly make repairs in one of the most complex environment - An application where Zip Lok® thrives. Read more about Zip Lok®'s potential space applications here.


Fastener Styles

Mechanically Locking AirCraft Panel Fastener

Install and lock aircraft panels in place with less effort.

  • Easy Push Assembly
  • Mechanical Lock
  • Saves Lives

Classic Mechanically Locking "NuT" Fastener

Simple fastener design for a range of applications.

  • Rapid Fastener Assembly
  • Great for Confined Spaces
  • High Strength/Size Ratio

Hydrogen Gas Coupler (Without Mechanical Lock)

Create a safe, locking, airtight seal in seconds with Zip Lok® Flexible Thread Technology.

  • Airtight Mechanical Lock
  • Quick Assembly and Release
  • Tested up to 3500 PSI for 24 hours

Applications for Space Platforms

NASA lists Flexible Thread Technology in it's official safety policy (NPD 8700. 1).

  • avoids jamming & binding
  • soft dock attachment
  • compatible with robotic installation

05.Meet the


Robert Fullerton

Inventor of Zip Lok®

Robert has spent decades exploring the possibilities of Flexible Thread Technology. His innovations and consultation has helped make significant strides in aerospace efficiency and safety.

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06.What our

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